Car Alarms

We Sell and Install All the Top Car Alarm Brands

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Without a car alarm your vehicle is at risk of becoming one of the thousands stolen or broken into annually. Protect your investment by coming to Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics. We sell and install all the top car alarm brands, and with more than 20 years in business, you can rest assured our expert technicians will install it properly, giving you peace of mind and deterring any would-be thieves.

Some additional security options available to you when you come to Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics for expert car alarm installation include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Two-way remotes
  • Ignition interruption
  • Remote starters

Custom Audio Systems

Let the Experts at Traffic Jam Design the Perfect Custom System for Your Ride

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Designing and installing custom systems is our favorite part of the job at Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics, and after 20 years we are THE experts in Southern Maine for custom installs. We do it all, from stereos, to Stealthboxes, to remote car starters. If you are ready to take your vehicle from ho hum to extraordinary, come see us at Traffic Jam today!

We take the time to get to know our customers and learn what they are looking for in a mobile entertainment system, and then make recommendations on what components from our trusted manufacturers will be the best fit for their unique needs and wants.


Remote Starters, GPS, HID lights, Bluetooth and More!


Other than purchasing a new vehicle, one of the most exciting things you can do is personalize it with custom car accessories. Contact us and we can start designing the customized ride of your dreams. We can do it all, from car stereo installations, to remote starters, GPS, aftermarket lighting, Bluetooth, mobile entertainment systems and more!

Attract attention with neon or LED light strips installed under your vehicle or inside as accents throughout your interior. Improve the quality of your headlights by coming to Traffic Jam and let us replace the factory versions with HID, Xenon, or the latest in LED technology.

After Market Lights/HID

Custom Lighting for Safety and Style

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The addition of custom-installed aftermarket lighting is extremely popular with our customers at Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics. Some are looking to add features such as daytime running lights, fog lights or a third brake light for safety reasons, while others want to make their vehicle more functional by adding off-road lights, LED light bars, HID lights, or projector headlights.

However for a lot of our customers, it’s all about tricking out your ride and expressing your personality through creative lighting. We will collaborate with you to design and install exactly the lighting options you crave, by installing new headlights and taillights, or lights on your wheels, door handles or undercarriage. The only limit to your lighting options is your imagination!

Mobile Entertainment

In-Vehicle Entertainment Makes the Time (and Miles) Go By Faster!

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The right mobile entertainment system can mean all the difference between a car ride that feels numbingly long and one that seems to fly by in no time. We sell and install in-car DVD players and a variety of monitor options, including drop-down screens, in-dash screens and headrest screens. And it doesn’t just stop with the picture, we also ensure that all of the audio will be crisp and clear, almost as if you were enjoying the latest DVD releases in your own living room!

Video systems can be integrated into a multimedia car audio-video system or we can create a stand-alone entertainment option designed just for you. We know how to take advantage of the interior design of vehicles to mount monitors in the best place for optimal viewing. Monitors can also be equipped with a video game control console for the gamer in your family. We love creating customized systems, so give us a call and we will get started on planning out your dream mobile entertainment system.


Add the Convenience of Hands-Free Calling in Your Car

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Bluetooth installation is one of our most sought-after services. Bluetooth technology can enable you to make and receive calls from your smartphone hands free, allowing you to hear your conversation through your car’s speakers and talk to the person on the other end with a microphone installed in your vehicle. With Bluetooth technology you can access your phone book, answer or decline incoming calls, and make outgoing calls, all hands free and safely. Bluetooth devices offer on-screen caller ID, voice command, voice dialing, touch-screen dialing, and voice texting.

Bluetooth is also handy for streaming music from your smartphone to your stereo, allowing you to control your Bluetooth audio from the stereo itself, and seamlessly change tracks. You will be able to stream music from your Pandora, Spotify or other internet stations, allowing you to listen to your music through your vehicle’s speaker system.

Call or come by and talk to one of our car accessory installation specialists to choose the Bluetooth product that works best for your needs!

Backup Cams

Increase Safety and Decrease Accidents

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We’ve all seen cars and trucks with dented or bent rear bumpers from accidents that could easily have been avoided if the vehicle had been equipped with a backup camera. The investment in installing a backup camera is really quite low when you weigh it against potential future savings from avoiding accidents, insurance deductible payments, and potential insurance rate hikes.

At Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics we offer a variety of backup systems, including ones with standard and long-range backup sensors, convenient front-mounted displays and audible warnings to show you the distance to an obstruction and alert you when you are getting too close. We also offer a huge selection of cameras in many different styles, such as OEM-style flush mount and license plate frame mount.

In-Dash Screens

Better Visibility for Your GPS, Stereo and More

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Come to Traffic Jams Mobile Electronics and have us install an in-dash video screen receiver in your vehicle. We offer units in a variety of sizes, and have skill and know how to make every job look as clean and seamless as if it been installed right in the factory. We carry all the top brands, such as Clarion and Kenwood. There are many advantages and benefits to in-dash video screens, including:

  • Easier to read display.
  • View incoming Bluetooth phone calls.
  • Access your music more efficiently through your car stereo, Bluetooth-connected smartphone, or Sirius XM.
  • If you have a GPS system, or need one installed, having an in-dash video screen will make it easy to safely follow the on-screen navigation directions.

Marine Audio

Marine-grade Electronics for Your Boat

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Summers in Maine are far too short. Make sure that when you do get to spend time relaxing on your boat, you have high-quality audio components to better enjoy your music! Traffic Jam Mobile Entertainment sells and installs state-of-the-art marine electronic components by Clarion, Kenwood and more. Marine-grade electronics are built to stand up to the elements, from salt spray to hours under the beating sun.

We can outfit your party boat, speed boat, lobster boat, or whatever floats your boat! And we don’t stop at stereos, we can also integrate satellite radio, CD players, iPods and other mobile audio equipment in your boat. Our experts know how to properly install and wire your system to protect it from the elements, and ensure you’ll be rocking out on the high seas (or lakes) for years to come.  

Motorcycle Audio

Stereo and Speaker Systems for Your Bike


Looking for a new stereo or speakers for your motorcycle? Give us a call! We can create the perfect system for your bike. We have worked on a wide variety of motorcycles and even ATVs. We can connect smartphones and iPods to stream your audio, creating a sound system so amazing many people wouldn’t believe it’s actually coming from a motorcycle!

But why stop with just amazing audio? Customize your motorcycle with LED lighting for your headlights, or to give it a more tricked-out look. We can also install an alarm system for your bike that has a tracking system, and can even connect right to your smartphone. Call Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics and we can get start customizing your ride so you’ll stand out from the pack!


Ignition Interlocks Prevent Drunk Drivers from Getting Behind the Wheel


Sens-O-Lock of America devices prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. The Sens-O-Lock ignition interlocks can be installed on personal vehicles, company fleet trucks or school buses. The Mandatory option is for someone convicted of drunk driving, allowing them to continue to operate a vehicle, but with the safeguard of knowing they will be unable to do so if impaired in any way by alcohol.

There is also a Voluntary model for people who don’t want to leave their safety, as well as that of others, to just their best judgement. Rather than trying to count drinks and hours elapsed to judge if you are safe to drive, the Sens-O-Lock will ensure that if you’ve had one too many, you don’t get in your car and potentially cause an accident. It’s peace of mind for you, your family and the general public.


premium weatherproof audio products for your Powersport


Weatherproof audio equipment built for all kinds of terrain. Rejuvenated for 2016,  JL Audio has brought new features to the Powersports category. Built with outstanding sound quality, rugged off-road design, and dependability. The 2016 product line includes:

• Three weatherproof source units Four weatherproof amplifiers.

• Two weatherproof speaker pods.

• Eleven weatherproof Stealthbox® subwoofer systems 

Remote Starters

Start Your Car from the Warmth of Your Home or Office

Winters are long and cold in Maine. Wouldn’t you love to start your day getting into a car or truck that is already warmed up, rather than spending several minutes defrosting the windshield then shivering your way through the first few miles of your commute? Or on those scorchers when the thermometer hits 90 degrees, who wouldn’t rather climb into a car that’s already nice and cool?

At Traffic Jam Mobile Electronics we sell and install several models of remote starters. So instead of getting into an ice-cold or too-hot car, with just the click of a button you can start your car from inside your home or business, so when you’re ready to go, so is your car. Many remotes also offer additional levels of security, with the ability to be programmed to alert you if your car is hit or broken into.